Homebrew West – Info

Homebrew West – Info

The first step to making your own beer would be to find a suitable place to brew it. The kitchen is also a nice place to eat. You should expect to be there for several hours, and make what non-home brewers might very well view as a big mess. That being said, if it’s okay, you need to ask those who live in your house. You’ll need your home-brewing equipment when you’ve secured your kitchen. For example we’ll look at what kinds of equipment will be required to use malt extract for home brewing. If you want to know more about Homebrew West

Basic home-brewing equipment is not usually very costly. You should be able to buy all the equipment needed for about $100-$150. Most suppliers of home brewing equipment have kits which have everything you need to make your own beer at home except for ingredients and bottles.

Below is a list of basic home brewing equipment which you need to start brewing beer:

Kettle Brew



Strainer and Funnel

6.5 Gallon Fermenters Key

Airlock and the Stopper

Racking with Siphon trousers

6.5 Gallon Bottling Spigot Bucket


Flask Razor

Capper and Bottle Caps

Here are few more items that might be useful from around the kitchen:

Kleine bowl


Spatula Rubber

Oven handlers for the mitts / bowl

Big mixing spoon (Plastic or Stainless Steel)

Now let’s think about the home brewing equipment and give you a clear idea of what you are going to do with that.

Brew Kettle: The brew kettle is a large pot that has a size of 4.5 gallons or more. The very best form is made from stainless steel. You may also use one that is made from aluminum or steel with ceramic (enameled) coating. Do not use it bright-and-shiny if you are using a brand new aluminum pot; you might get a metallic off-flavor. In it first boil water. Off-flavours can also result in chipped enamelized pots. Whether you happen to have a few smaller pots in your kitchen which will keep together at least 4.5 gallons this will also work. The brew kettle is the first piece of equipment you will be using for home brewing. All the ingredients (accept for the yeast) will be put in the brew kettle and brought to boil. This sweet mix that you’re going to make is known as “term.”

Thermometer: The temperature of the brew is tested by a thermometer during different stages of the brewing process. A stick-on thermometer can be mounted on the primary fermenter ‘s exterior to allow you to test the fermentation temperature. This is a very important piece of home brewing equipment, because the fermentation temperature affects the finished beer’s flavor.